19 Pier St, Dromana VIC 3936
(03) 5981 4666

Our Story

Unless you live in Dromana, we bet you do not spend much time eating in this part of town. However, those who do and those who are in the know and out of town will tell you that a significant amount of foodie lust is associated when Pier Street Kitchen is mentioned. We are a perfect neighbourhood establishment, full of friendly people and good vibes. We are a reliable spot to enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch and on occasion, we have special nights. Our menu is influenced by healthy, simple flavours from the Mediterranean and the Middle East and most items are produce driven – we change them seasonally depending on what’s available and what is best.  99.9% of everything is made in-house – we are very passionate about this. For those who love a smaller classy yet intimate venue for a special celebration, we can help.

Yes, we cater.

For those like to party at home, Pier Street Kitchen does catering like no other – very easy to prep at home, minimum maintenance, maximum deliciousness – so you can focus on the boogie.

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Address & Phone
19 Pier Street,
Dromana VIC 3936
(03) 5981 4666



Opening Hours
Mon-Fri from 7am
Sat-Sun from 8am